With 17 years of experience in the motorsport industry, ranging from the Group CN sports car racing to the unmistakable world of Formula One, Bourne HPP have marked themselves as one of the industries front runners if what you’re looking for is a championship winning race engine.

Whether it’s a standard rebuild or a bespoke overhaul of your beloved race or road engine, Bourne HPP apply modern processes to the classic world, providing your car with the advantages of modern technology whilst still preserving the authenticity of your beloved historic vehicle.


With extensive experience in the most advanced technology in motorsport, Bourne HPP offers a range of services whether it be design, build, tuning or calibration and will provide support throughout the entirety of the build process; from inception to the moment the car arrives trackside or drives out of our workshop.

We are also proud to be recognized suppliers of both Life Racing and Aim Technologies products as well as fitting and supporting such systems trackside. As the industry’s leading suppliers of Engine control and power distribution units, integrated paddle shift systems and engine control unit’s, Life Racing have worked in conjunction with engine builders throughout many successful years to achieve many class and championship wins within a wide variety of motorsport series.

Leading the way as the premier supplier of race data acquisition technology, Aim Technologies offer a variety of performance/racing car electronic aides including Data Loggers, Chassis specific sensors and digital displays, systems of which offer your classic car the security and advantage of reliability and performance whether you’re running your car competitively at some of the World’s most prestigious racing events or enjoying a long drive in your prized classic road car.

Combining the products of both Aim Technologies and Life Racing with the unfaltering workmanship of our engine builders, Bourne HPP have fast established themselves as one of motorsports leading companies in bringing innovative design advancements to compliment and maintain the originality of your classic road or racing car.