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Ever since motorsport began, “I need more power” has been the enduring mantra of virtually every racing driver, a plea which has even been uttered by multiple Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton in his lamentable “I need more power, man” radio call during a race!

So, where do you go when you want more power?

Right here… Bourne High Performance Powertrains Ltd [Bourne HPP] an engine builder that boasts a unique combination of Formula 1, Le Mans and other WEC engine building experience, both in the workshop and trackside at major events around the world.

Established by Terry Radbourne in 2019, Bourne HPP is an emerging and already highly respected technical resource for the development of premium racing engines and power management systems for the serious Clubman and professional racing team.

Terry’s engineering knowledge and experience at the very pinnacle of international motorsport, along with his proven skillset and a true passion for all forms of motorsport are at the very heart of his drive to succeed, both in business and on the track.

In motorsports, success equates solely to results and even in our relatively short existence, the results are undeniable, with our engines winning the two-wheel drive pro class in the 2021 Time Attack UK in a Noble M12. Further afield…in the USA one of our Honda K20 engines has won the American East Coast Sports Cars Championships every year since 2018.

Customer confidence is further illustrated by our partnership with the UK’s leading Japanese performance parts specialist ‘Tegiwa’ to provide engine building and track support services for their Honda NSX - Pro Class Time Attack campaign in 2022.


Operating from modest but well-equipped facilities near Maldon, Essex, Terry along with equally experienced Technical Director Matthew Baxter will use their unparalleled knowledge and world class engine building and component development skills to extract the maximum power, performance, and reliability from your own competition engine by offering a select range of bespoke services to suit each individual customer, whatever their competition category might be.


These services include:

  • Engine building
  • Engine component design and manufacture – including ‘reverse engineering’
  • Engine dynamometer services
  • Electrical wiring loom manufacture
  • Engine Electronic Control Unit [ECU] calibration
  • Power distribution calibration
  • Comprehensive trackside support
  • Supply of engine and ancillary components from our online store


Bourne HPP offer a highly responsive and personalised service that is committed to providing you with a high performing and reliable powertrain or electronic management system that has the potential to propel them to the front of the grid, the top of the timing screen and on to cross the finishing line first – all backed up with trackside support that is tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.

Bourne HPP also have the capabilities to design and develop engine components and electronics system packages that can be used with many well-known marques and widely raced engine types. We can also cater for the continuing growth of historic racing by applying our skills to reverse engineer scarce components, and engineer improvements to both the performance and reliability of the engines of yesteryear.

We are constantly conducting research, developing technologies, refining processes, improving components and trial engineering new ideas that will establish us at the forefront of power-unit and control technology for the serious Clubman or professional race team. This relentless pursuit of performance and reliability enables Bourne HPP to offer the optimal solutions and latest product knowledge for our customers, keeping both them and us ahead of the competition.

In an ever-changing and highly competitive market, Managing Director Terry Radbourne fully recognises that while motorsport may be embarking upon a new era of technologies and power delivery that Bourne HPP is already prepared and ready to meet any technological or regulatory challenges that competitors might face in the future. Terry states emphatically that, “The way we produce power over the next decade may evolve and change but the way it is controlled and delivered will fundamentally stay the same”.

Our ability to build and tune engines for maximum power does not diminish our obligation to consider the increasing environmental pressures the sport is coming under, so everything we do to your engine also takes into consideration the use of emerging new fuel blends and fuel efficiency so that we can collectively promote a cleaner and brighter racing future for the Internal Combustion Chamber [ICE].

That’s enough ABOUT US for now, so please do get in contact with Terry or Matthew and tell us ABOUT YOU, your racing plans, your car, your engine, your event schedule and let us jointly explore how we can transform your powertrain to produce power, performance, and reliability.    


 Please scroll through our website for more information, check out our case studies and visit our online store.

*Note: The radio transmission quoted was made on Lap 37 of the Italian Grand Prix 2019 – and now being repeated in the current ‘Sky Glass’™ radio commercials! 


Bourne HPP have the capabilities to provide a range of services and performance components to suit a diverse range of car marques, engine types and competition categories and we are always eager to explore any engine design and build project, however we do have a special affinity for motorsport’s ubiquitous Honda K20 and K24 engines. We consider ourselves to be one of the UK’s up and coming specialists in the design and building of Honda K series engines for competition.


Almost two decades have passed since Honda introduced its K-series DOHC four-cylinder engine across its road car range and it didn’t take long before racing and track day enthusiasts began swapping their OEM engines for the K20. It has certainly stood the test of time and has evolved to become the powertrain of choice across many motorsport disciplines, with single seaters, sports prototypes, rally, drift, and time attack cars relying on the K20 engine to power them to race and championship wins.

So apart from its obvious power, performance, and reliability advantages out on track, what sets the K20 apart from other powerplants? Simply, it’s readily available, can be upgraded and modified using the vast range of aftermarket performance parts that are easily sourced from a global network of specialist builders/tuners and importantly offers real value for money. We absolutely love them!

We can build a bespoke K series powertrain for most categories of motorsport from circuit racing to hill climbing, drifting, and time attack. Our knowledge, experience, finely honed skills, and meticulous attention to detail enables us to build high performing engines that reliably produce 230 to 800 BHP.

Whatever your category and budget you can be assured that our K series engines will be designed, built, and tuned to meet your specific category regulations and individual competition needs.

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