Engine Assembly


We work on your engine in an ultra-clean and dedicated build room – used solely for engine building. These secure well-lit rooms are environmentally controlled and equipped with dirt/dust management systems. A pristine clean floor and surgically spotless work surfaces eliminates any possibility of foreign particle contamination that could compromise engine assembly, performance, and reliability.


Parts are the building blocks of every racing engine and power management system and as such they greatly impact the performance and reliability of the power plant in which they are installed.

Accordingly, we only use top quality components, carefully control our parts inventory, storage, and the management of disassembled and new parts with full component layout areas, all of which are vital to the integrity of the engine build process and to optimising on-track performance and reliability.


  • Engine builds invariably begin with a strip down and all engine components are scrupulously cleaned and parts to be reused are forensically examined by our ‘eagle-eyed’ technicians to reveal the condition of the engine internals and it’s individual components.
  • Any suspected component will of course be replaced, but damage, fault, and wear reporting for customers can include high resolution photography of the affected components.
  • All components that are reused undergo crack testing using a combination of techniques and processes from magnetic particle testing to liquid penetrating inspection.


  • Our highly skilled technicians pay meticulous attention to every phase of a race engine build or rebuild, conducting all work in accordance with established and proven procedures, this includes the engine assembly phase, which typically includes multiple mock-ups or pre-assembly processes where the fit and compatibility of all internal compo­nents are checked and verified.
  • We complete the precision assembly of all mechanical and electro-mechanical systems by conducting stringent quality assurance procedures to measure function, performance and build quality using industry proven processes to the highest standards.
  • Throughout the assembly process, our in-house team use a combination of new school and well proven techniques for measuring and recording processes to ensure that every engine leaving our build room is completed to the highest standard.
  • We only use professional workshop equipment and market leading engine assembly tools, alongwith top-grade branded assembly lubricants and sealers throughout the build process.
  • During each build we compile a comprehensive documentation file for each engine’s strip/build process so that a uniform and repeatable build procedure is recorded, and accurate component life tracking can be maintained.
  • Finally, once an engine has been built, it can be tested on our in-house dynamometer and ‘run-in’ on our test rig before installation in your car.

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